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Always Look at the Bigger Picture

There's quite a difference between being productive and being busy. The thing about being busy is that it can feel productive because it's familiar and makes us feel good. In order to get results, productivity may need to for go any positive feeling.

By doing things we have to do - and that means less busy work. does it make us feel like we're making real progress.

A lot of people face this every day. Say you want to read a book about your profession that will help you get better. The problem is though, you're too busy to read it. In order to have the time to read that book, you're going to have to wreck your schedule.

Taking up an afternoon spending time reading instead of keeping busy feels unproductive so you don't do it. While instead, you attend your schedule and continue being productive. The trade off is you're giving up on something that might help you become better at your job.

Here's a take away that a business owner should use for their client:

You might have to take real progress with you life by taking on the challenges that may not be helpful immediantly. You have to let the present takes it's course. They won't disappear and will always be there. That's what being in the present is about. It's securing and safe to always think about the future, but really, but you're not solving your current problems.

In order to embrace that future self you may put what you have at the moment on hold. As tough as that sounds to do something you don't want to do right now may ultimately help in the bigger picture.


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