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Don't Be a Small Fish in a Large Pond

If you got a gym, I'm sure you'll see someone is really strong because he or she can move a lot of weight. You want to tell yourself that you can be just as strong, but really that kind of thinking can hold yourself back. When you only see such a narrow focus, you'll be limiting on how strong you'll be.

A weight lifting champion Dean Lukin, loves to use the metaphor, if you're the strongest person in the gym, then you're a small fish in a large pond. If you want to know how strong you really are, you need to go to a larger pond. Or even look at the strongest lifters in the world.

Sure, this is harsh and negative to think you're not a strong or good as you think you will be, but it's the humbleness and deep motivation of knowing where you are at is the important aspect.

I believe that is true that weight listing isn't so much about getting stronger, it's more having the mindset that I will get stronger. Once you've started, you'll eventually see the results. The thing is though, in order to continue seeing more results, you need to put more effort. To do that, you need to push your mindset and remove the thought that you are already strong.

By having low expectations, you're limiting yourself. To mention that original metaphor. You have to be in the presence of the greatest if you want to become great.  Sure, you might not be the largest fish the pond, but you can see just how large you can become.

In the fitness realm, it's easy to make a routine and just do that mindlessly. But you have a goal and actively achieving it, you'll get there and become better. As the old saying goes, it's better to know what you don't know than not knowing what you don't know.

Are you a fish in a big pond?


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