The Don't Quit Podcast

Get Motivated Series: Kerry Petsinger

-What's your name? 

Kerry Petsinger

-What's your business or occupation about?

I have a coaching business and online courses. I help people do what truly matters to them in their lives and get rid of the unimportant junk. I also have a doctorate degree in physical therapy.

-What does your average work day look like? 

I vary my work days, as I enjoy flexibility with my schedule. I set aside specific days to work with coaching clients, other days to work on course creation, and other days to focus on marketing. I also work on my business while my kids nap.

-What's the hardest part about your work? 

The hardest part about my business has been learning to think like a creative business owner. I came from a very traditional career path. I went to college, earned my degrees, and began a very traditional career, with my days all planned out for me. I knew what to do with my patients, and I knew what to do at work in general to earn my raises and be a successful physical therapist.

Building my business has been a whole new world for me. Launching a coaching and online business has really been like building the plane as you learn to fly. There are a ton of ways to be successful with coaching and online businesses.

There is not one set path. It's exciting but was overwhelming at first as I was used to knowing exactly what to do to succeed, and had to learn to make many decisions with unclear outcomes.

-What keeps you motivated? 

I tend to be really driven and am always looking for the next thing to achieve. I help myself stay motivated by giving myself deadlines to accomplish tasks, so I skyrocket my effort to accomplish those tasks.

-How do you recharge?

My favorite way to recharge is to go on vacation and completely unplug. I like to shut off all technology and just enjoy the outdoors and time with loved ones. It helps me return to my work feeling refreshed and relaxed.

-What's the best advice you've ever heard? 

This is tough question, as I love to learn from others and have heard tons of great advice over the years. With 3 kids ages 4 and younger, a thriving business, and other big goals and dreams, I'm very focused on spending my time doing what truly matters to me and getting rid of the unimportant junk.

One quote I love is by Stephen Covey, who said, "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." I believe it's very important to focus our lives on what matters most to us and when we keep the main thing the main thing, life is much more fulfilling.

-What's something you haven't said, but it's worth mentioning? 

You really can have your definition of 'it all' if you really think about what your priorities are and focus your life on your true priorities.


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