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The 3 Tips to Unlock Your True Productivity

I just finished reading Design Your Day, by Clair Díaz-Ortiz. It’s mostly targeted those in freelancing roles and business owners. Even if you’re not one of those positions there’s something to learn from it for everyone.

Most of the ideas are common sense, but are shown in a way that we don’t realize throughout our day. Here’s some ways that I’ve learned that would be helpful for you to implement right now.

It’s all about outlining and brainstorming ways we can improve in our days and can expand personal time.

1. Write out everything you want to accomplish in a year. Be specific and make it quantifiable. I.e. I will make X amount of money by X date.

2. Think of a word of the year. Center it around every action you do. Make meaningful and rememberable.

3. Make two lists. One for the accomplishment and one for the big milestones. Meaning the ones where you got a promotion, got married, or something like that will change your life for the better.

I know it’s hard to do this alone so I’m doing this with you. So I will also share what I’m doing for these three sections. Hopefully this will give you inspiration on your own time.

1. My goals is to expand this podcast and stick to making an episode a week. I know faltered this already one time as I had an unfortunate financial setback. but I’m continuing regardless of that.

2. My word of the year is perseverance because it’s the one word I say to any person who is trying to live their dreams doing something they’re passionate about. At the end of the day, perseverance is what separates those who do it and those who quit.

3. My biggest wins is so far have been being a part of my local humane society dog-a-thon event. Another one will be accomplishing will be on my friend’s podcasts to give them support.

So when you’re making your lists. Think about the things only you can do. Things that other people can do, and what you shouldn’t be doing.

So the things that only you can do and the big milestones are the number one priority. The things other people can do and your milestones are the next ones.

But anything that doesn’t lead to big wins shouldn’t really be bother or at least at the very moment of priorities. Be aware of what is and what could be are different things entirely.

This leads to the list of what you should stop doing entirely. These are things that aren’t helpful or actually harmful. Gambling? Too much video games? Sleeping in?

Stop doing goals are just as important as doing goals.

What does your lists look like?


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