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How to Communicate your Stress from Work

When you're trying to achieve the best of your job - feels like a job in itself. Setting your sights high and accomplishing things that you dreamed of. It's one of the greatest feelings to complete a side project, get a promotion, or reach a goal.

For anyone that had to complete these huge goals, they know they had to deal with sacrifices to get there. When you're at work, that becomes your highest priority which replaces anything in your personal life. That becomes thrown into your wayside. Trading hours for your love one's time becomes the norm.

Work-life balance is something that we learn from trial and error. Crazy schedules are inevitable although temporary. If you don't manage them then they manage your family on your behalf (not a good thing). It's common to talk to bosses and coworkers that you're dealing with a lot of stress, but when it comes to children and spouses, it becomes a lot more difficult.

Never having the time for phone calls with friends, spending time at home, or just having happy hours. It's funny that we need these people the most when we're pushing them away so much. How do you handle this Catch 22 to get that support while achieving your goals?

By taking action about these problems are the best way to resolve any conflict. Taking the necessary steps in having a positive balance while not pushing your support away. Here's three different ways to help get your life on track.

1. Ask what support you need

While you're going off on about work, your family and friends don't always exactly know that you're working on. If you were to think what is it that takes so long all the time, they probably wouldn't be able to say. They almost might not know that meeting got delayed or something didn't arrive in the mail.

When you do come home and you’re probably visibly tired or irritated. Your family sees it and know that’s not the body language of a person that wants to be talked to. Now there’s mixed signals about how you’re coming off and how you want to be treated.

Rather than shutting down or ignoring this problem - let people know about your workload, how you feel, and how they can help you. Sometimes people don’t know they just need to listen without reception or judgement. There’s so much effort that letting people know what they do matters and are valued.

Clear communication is the key to resolve all personal conflicts.

2. Have rules and follow them

Everyone needs to have certain boundaries and this is no exception.
Setting differences in conflicts and personal life are the keys of happiness and balance in one’s life.

It must be done firm, yet passionately.By telling your spouse a head of time of say, a product launch, this sets expectations. By explaining why your schedule is what it is.

Boundaries are a must if you work from home as well, By having times that should working and not will allows interruptions and downtime to be more healthier and productive

3.Handle stress the right way

After having a long day at work you come home and your spouse wants to out for dinner. You suggest Italian. Your spouse’s eyes roll. You get visibly upset. Nothing ever goes your way, it’s always someone else’s. But why is finding a restaurant upsetting you?
It’s the defence mechanism called displacement. It what comes out when we’re dealing with stress. When you’re dealing with a conflict that’s not serious, you have a natural negative reaction from being upset. To simply say, when the source is less threatening you are more likely to take out your frustration because you don’t need to care about the inherent consequence.

It’s clear sign when a person who has this displacement, they’re dealing with other battles that other’s aren’t aware about. If you’re dealing with a lot of then you’re instantly in a hostile territory everywhere.

So when dealing with defense mechanism, ask yourself these questions:

Is it this battle worth fighting for?
How will this benefit me and the other person?
If they reacted the same way to me, how will I feel?
What can I do relieve stress and anger?

4. Mindfulness solves a lot

We make conscious decision all the time and that’s why we get tired throughout the day more so than others. Having priorities in your life and sacrificing friendship to make those happen.Your word is super important in both personal and professional relationships.

When you’re going about your day - do a self check. Why work so hard when the results don’t matter or gain enjoyment from?

It’s always important to find meaning and enjoyment in your career and it’s just a part in work life balance. Don’t think that it’s ok to ignore your health. So take a look at your life of where you’re going and wether this is all worth it. We all have a limited time so make the best of it. Always.


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