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How to Have a Mediocre Life

I'm going to be talking about the things mediocre people do, think, and feel. This is having the self awareness to identify if you're doing these things it's best to revalue how you're going to be in the new year.

Everything I'm going to say is based on satire and a self refletcion of how you may have felt.

The first is to stop believing in yourself. All those dreams and ideas that you feel you can accomplish forever will be dreams. Just always do what you're told and copy what everyone else is doing. Always keep everything safe despite how much your life would be if you took a risk every now and then.

Now think of everything as a negative. There's a trick or problem for every good natured action. There's must be a hidden motive for someone to be nice always. No one is ever generous.

Always assume people aren't reliable and they never in your best interest. Never let their love and kindness get to you. Push away everyone out of fear that they'll never help or care about you. You can't lose if you have nothing to lose.

Always keep your head down and do not speak unless spoken to. Don't think of all the things that could happen. Believe you are terrible at everything you do.

Never believe that anything is beautiful. Fixate on all the things that prevent that from happening like your hair, body, smile and anything that you may think highly of yourself. While we all have something unique but you don't think about that.

Have dreams and just give up on them. Always feel they will never come true. Anyone who has dreams isn't in this reality. Believe those who have dreams are children that never grew up. Remind yourself of all the things you failed in the past and why they'll keep happening.

Never forgive yourself at all costs. Sure you've made mistakes but you'll never let them go. Feel every time those caused you to never get what you wanted.

Lose all motivation to try something again. Accept you'll never be good at it who always embraces defeat.

Always compare yourself to others because the only way to feel adequate is if you're better than someone. Too bad those who believe that will never find joy as there's always someone better than you.

Judge people for everything they do. Never leave them out your sight. If they can't live up to your idealistic expectations then they don't deserve to be in your life.

Never feel like you need love. Love is weakness that gets you manipulated. Always have people who think less of yourself.

Let others define your values and dictate what you should for your life.

Always give into peer pressure. You know it's how it's look cool.

Remove your family from your life because they stand in the way of what you want. Focus on how much their opinions of not wanting you to do the things you want.

Play games with people. Everyone loves games. Never let them know your true attentions because there wouldn't be a fun in it.

Take advantage of people before they do the same to you. They may be people but they aren't on your side.

Believe that pain is everlasting. That one time you lost something will only happened again. Reject all other thoughts.

Look at the small things and let them pick you a part.

Always blame others for everything that happens to you. You must believe that the only way something bad can happen is from another person's actions.

Stop looking at sunsets and puppies. Stop believing that tomorrow will be better.


Alright so if you've any of these thoughts I'm going to say that none of them are true or always true.

Does any of this sound familiar? I hope not. Always improve your thoughts one day at a time. Life is too short to be mediocre. Be interesting, be positive, be productive.


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