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How to Integrate Digital and Paper Productivity to Your Life

While going paperless seems to be the ongoing trend of being productive, it's still beneficial for that to exist. I use both a journal and note taking software to be on top of things where ever I go.

With a phone in your pocket, a computer on your coffee table, you're always within reach your calendar and to do list. However writing things down helps with more focus and plan out ideas better. When it comes to memorizing important dates or events, writing helps tremendously.

Paper and pen has a lot of great benefits so here's how you can get the best go both worlds.

My Journal that I use to capture all the quick ideas, tasks, sketches. It's like a scrapbook of all things going on in your life right now. It's the sticky notes in a book so to speak.

A smaller notebook (yes, I would like to make a smaller journal soon) for traveling and off site meetings. I'm always talking with people in their homes and offices, never really in mine. When you show you're writing down in a notebook rather than in your phone look more studious in effort to be more serious.

People do notice.

A digital task list & calendar: This is, you guessed it, where I have the big tasks and calendar events to be reminded. This where I add the info you've written down in your journal from.

Long term digital storage: There's a lot of them, Apple notes, OneNote, Evernote, etc. to digitalize the amount of things that need to have in your life for a long time or something you want to get back to eventually.

It surprisingly works and never have to skip a beat in memorizing and knowing where everything is. You may have to change it to get where you want exactly, but it's structured and organized.


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