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How to Stay Productive Working at Home

It’s not easy being able to work at home, whether employed or self-employed. It’s certainly different from working an office environment with its own challenges. Here’s how you can get stuff done while working at home.

Get Dressed
Being able to wear what you want is one of the biggest perks of working at home, but it doesn’t always help your work ethic. You don’t have to dress formally, but dressing for ‘work’ will help create a boundary from your work time and home time.

Walk Before You Work
Getting out of the house before your work can jump start your day. Embrace a routine that will increase your productivity as soon as possible. This will help your mind be more at ease and your body more healthy.

Use Exercise Breaks
You need breaks just as much you did in the office. Kill two birds with one stone by also using a mini-work out session too. It’ll help you think straighter, boost your mood, and productivity all at once.

Use the Right Tools for the Job
Even though using the same tools in the office may not be for at home. Stay communicated with your IT department to have web conferencing tools, document collaboration suites, and screen sharing tools. Just because you're away doesn't mean you can't be connected. Communication is key for any successful team.

Keep your Family from Distracting You
We all love our family members, but it’s just they have a hard time understanding that you’re not at home mode, but work mode. You need to be stern about the times you are available. If your spouse is also working at home, you’ll have to work together to stay sane. Plan out your day that works with the people in your home. Be aware they have to make compromises.

Block All Disturbances
It’s not your loved ones that are trying to get your attention, but the whole world. The temptation to spend the entire day on YouTube or Reddit, is real. Set time to dedicate to just working and some for play time. Remember not all distractions are bad, the mind can only go to war for so long. Think of it like an axe that is sharp and can cut through anything. But as time goes on, that axe gets duller and can no longer cut through anymore. This is just like your mind and why breaks are way to sharpen it.

Create a Work Area Just for Working
The best tool for any worker — the environment that allows you to focus. It can be as simple as a room with a door. Also remember the right lighting, desk setup, and noise control plays a factor. The great thing about working at home is you most likely have control over all of this.

Work Out of the House
For some people, the home is too comfortable for work. Tap into your local coffee shop or a coworking space to boost your focus. It also allows you to have the ability to work from anywhere. Coffee shops really got the atmosphere down to what appears optimal level for productivity. You might be able to meet new people as well.

Force Yourself to Stop Working
Our manager would be upset if you weren’t working, but you don’t want to overwork and thus burn yourself out. Work is always there in the background so know when it’s home time instead of work time. At the least, listen to your gut, and don't think neglecting health is good in the long run.

Create a Routine and Set Boundaries
You’re going to have to experiment with what works well for you. The best thing most people have said is to schedule days and weeks around your energy. This is going to require testing and some work arounds. You might even have to be creative. Ultimately do what's best for you.


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