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The Get Motivated Series: Angelique von Löbbecke the Healing Coach

- What's your name?

Angelique von Löbbecke

- What's your business or occupation about?

As a HEALING COACH I empower female entrepreneurs + empaths, to release feelings of the past, re-write their story and take back their power by learning to set and keep boundaries and stay in their own energy field so that they have the freedom to be themselves.

- What does your average work day look like?

I get up with my husband who has his own company and leaves the house around 9:30. Then I indulge in self care practices, read, meditate, have a bath or listen to a podcast and maybe meet some friends for an early lunch. I never start working before 12 because my days can be longish due to international clients I will finish my last call sometimes at 10 pm or later.

- What's the hardest part about your work?

Staying organized and setting priorities and keeping overwhelm at bay.

- What keeps you motivated?

To have the ultimate freedom to work from where and when I want.

- What's the best productivity method that works for you?

Setting a 25 minute timer and devoting myself to 1 (!) task without distraction.

- How do you recharge?

I make it a point to have time for self care practices in the mornings and to close my day with exercise and yin yoga before I go to bed. I schedule in playtime with friends and my husband in advance. At times I will treat myself with a pedicure or a massage therapist who does house visits.

- What's the best advice you've ever heard?

Is this important in 5 years? Then make a decision or regulate your emotions concerning a situation.

- What’s something that you haven’t said, but it’s worth mentioning?

You have everything you need to be successful, aligned, healthy and happy in you. Sometimes we need people to remind us who we are and that you have the power to move mountains if you set your mind to it. The only limit is you. You are naturally whole, abundant and happy. Be bold!

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