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The Truth About Finding Your Dream Job

 Finding a job isn’t just a way for you to have a purpose in this world (and getting money as well), it’s a great way to become a better person. Hold a position and you’ll quickly learn how it all operates. Scope out the garbage bin and all the thrown away secrets will be revealed.

But what if your job isn’t managing or collecting garbage, but focused on stories?

As you get older, you become more and more wise to all of life’s common lessons, wisdom, and regrets. These pieces we pick up throughout our lives is what makes us, us.

Dave Isay, who just published a book entitled Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Worktalks about finding work that you love. He answers the hard question ‘How do people land their dream job?’ Here are some of the lessons about this:

1. Your journey to your dream will be through a period of suffering.

No one likes to suffer, but Isay says it’s one of the best ways to find the work we want to do.

“Having an experience that really shakes you and reminds you of your mortality can be a very clarifying event in people’s lives. Often times, it leads to changes.”

Isay says, citing examples through his previous writings.

2 If you want to do really meaningful work, prepare to ruffle feathers.

Isay says: “Calling very often starts with taking a stand against a status quo that simply isn’t acceptable, and then dedicating your work to changing it,”

This why successful people get what a lot of people call ‘haters’ Those who don’t appreciate your work because you’re going against their census. That’s why meaningful work will always have a push back.

3. Finding your dream job is only the first step

“Understanding what your calling is — that’s very different than the blood, sweat and tears of actually doing it,”

Isay says there’s difference in thinking of what you want to do, and actually doing it. Every expert in a given field will tell you to achieve that expertise did not happen over night, or even under a decade. Finding your dream job reuires a devotion of time that a lot of people underestimate.

4. Age is irrelevant.

In the short stories that Isay has written, The age people find their calling is irrelevant. Ages of success changes greatly from 60 years old to just 15. Just because you haven’t found it yet, doesn’t mean you won’t. It’s all about keeping an open mind and trying new things.

5. Don’t expect it to be profitable.

That's another trend Isay has observed.

Finding out that in order to achieve your dream job may leave you with less profit.

“The message we send to young people is that you want to do as little work as you can to make as much money as you can — that’s the dream,” Isay says to an audience, “But the wisdom in the StoryCorps archive is that there’s another, much more rewarding dream of taking risks and working very hard to live with integrity.”

That’s why the quote ‘money doesn’t bring happiness’ comes from. Self fulfilllment doesn’t always lead to wealth, and happiness is vastly underrated by society standards.

Your dream job is not going to be an easy come, easy go philosophy, it’s something you chase and still go after it when you’re tired. If your dream job was easy to acquire, then you aren’t dreaming big enough.


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