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Train for the Plan, Not for the Goal

When you watch the olympics, it’s every year they are breaking records. You can have a sense of seeing super heroes in action, but they definitely have their share of the problems they have in their lives. How they accomplish it is through training and determination just like we go throughout our goals.

Brenda Martinez, a professional runner at the last Olympic trials told Science of Us that she focused on the things she controlled, not the actual end game of her goal.

After she made the team for the 1500 meter dash, she recalled how she almost didn’t make it. Apparently another runner fell into her. She described it as:

“I just quickly let go of what happened in the 800m and got back to my routine, to focusing on all the little things I could do that would give me the best chance of running well later in the week.”

After all, you can’t control everything that goes into your goal. Even if you’re aiming for something lower key, like beating your best previous time in a local 5K race, things can happen. You could get injured, or race day weather could work against you. You might even show up to the track for your workout one day and find that it’s closed and will be under construction for the rest of the summer. (Yes, all of these have happened to me.)

You never know where you’ll begin. No matter how much you try to predict your goals. Especially with all the other uncontrollable things going on.

Instead, choose what you can do so and your plan how you’ll reach it - Then execute it.

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