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Why You Shouldn't Have a New Years Resolution

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy planning and goal setting. If you've been listening to The don't Quit podcast, it's something that I've been stating several times.

So why I don't recommend New Years resolution? Is because it limits your goal planning to a specific time. If you really want a New Years resolution, you wouldn't wait, you would start now.

Want be healthier? read more books? travel more?

Needless to say - if you wanted them to happen you would be doing them.

There's nothing wrong believing that you need that special time, but just don't be a statistic in an effort that millions of other people are doing and failing.

You're doing it because that what you should be doing, not what you want to do.

It's always your choice not because of what everyone else is doing.

Humans are just resistant to change - especially drastic ones. It's when we're performing unusual tasks that affect how we go about our lives.

Brain power throughout our day is a finite amount. When too much change happens we get overwhelmed and ultimately don't do it.

If you actually look at the people who accomplish what they want - they didn't start on January 1st.

But of course if you're already starting then more power to you.

Maybe you already tried every year and just couldn't keep it. That's ok, you're not alone, I'll be lying to say I've struggled with that as well.

The good news is nothing bad happened because nothing happened. You've probably remembered I was suppose to do ____ but oh well!

There's just no accountability when you give up. Which means there was no real drive in order for you to succeed. Other than just wanting to be better.

So tell me what's something you want to so better this year?


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