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Does Your Local Non-Profit Need Motivation?

We're always on the look out for sponsoring non-profits that are inspiring their communities!

Here's how it works

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Create a custom typographic motivational print, shirt, and hat that aligns with your non-profit’s brand.


All We Ask

Is that you promote your web page as you see fit to recieve 100% of the profits.
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Take a look at on-profit's were currently supporting!

Puget Creek Restoration Society, PLUR Angels, Product Red, Habitat for Humanity


Do you require any qualifications for my non-profit?

Yes, we require you to be in operation for more than 1 year.

How long does this sponsorship last?

As long as you want to!

What if I want more designs?

Due to time constraints, we’re only limiting one design per non-profit, we may uplift this limit in the future.

Can I choose what I want my design to be?

Certainly! We do offer advice if we notice something can be improved as well.

Can you help my non-profit with other design related work?

Contact us and we’ll see!

Contact us

We love to hear from you! We also encourage you to send us your logo and/or any imagery you would like to have on your new products.

Send all inquiries to