After survey studies we had with our customers we've learned 81% of you enjoy sustainability to the environment, your community, and the planet.

This means TyypoPrints will be taking more action in sourcing and prioritizing eco-friendly methods.

Eco-friendly can be a buzzword and by the definition of eco-friendly is not environmentally harmful. That's what we're aiming for to remove as much environmental footprints as possible.

Unfortunately it's impossible to be 100% because there are materials that make our prints as long lasting and shatterproof.

What we will be doing is:

  • Prioritizing in 100% recyclable packaging  
  • Donating returned or damaged prints to local charities like Goodwill, the American Kidney Fund, and Red Cross
  • Encourage our supplies to recycle excess materials
  • Reducing vehicle exhaust by providing downloadable prints

A big thank you in supporting us and letting us know what you value first and foremost. As we can continue designing and delivering prints to you we want to have a better future for the next generations.

I'll see you at the top,

Nick Mann Owner and Designer of TyypoPrints